Sarah Jeffries MA (RCA)


FullSizeRender FullSizeRender 'Points' oil on board, 59x100cm, 2017 install the house of healing





1 - The House of Healing 2017, Oil on Board, 106 x 163cm.

2 - Outside The Box 2017, Oil on board, 95 x 114cm.

3 - Truth & Lies 2017, Oil on Board, 134 x 119cm.

4 - Points 2017, Oil on Board, 59 x 100cm.

This body of work explores that explores ideas of societal and internal conflicts, from observing extreme dualities of political opinion. The work demonstrates, in a metaphorical sense, how separatism and isolation can look visual through the use of architectural form and landscape. Situated in the warped outer environment that is the structure of the painting, the narrative dialogue references notions of realism and abstraction, and the idea of 'order' in these works is the most dominating elements throught the use of the black and white stripes.