Sarah Jeffries MA (RCA)

image2 Small Windows of Marginal Opportunity 2018

Small Windows of Marginal Opportunity, 2018, diptych, plywood, 122 x 102 x 80cm (per board)

Short documentary films of the Transcendence show and artist interviews, are currently screening on youtube with (please click photos for link).

Prep work for 'Small Windows of Marginal Opportunity'.



'Small Windows of Marginal Opportunity' signifies a new direction in my practice, brought on by my recent opportunity to embark on PhD research at Southampton Solent University, where I am working closely with Dr Nicola Foster.


I'm currently researching existing attitudes towards different societial groups, and exploring the effect of these attitudes on our daily lives. I'm currently making a collection of newspaper collages to reflect the complexities of contempoarary Western life. I have been drawing on current newspaper stories and their images from the - Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Daily Mail, Independent, New York Times, The Times and New European.  I am also looking at the work of collage artist Hannah Hoch and her contemporaries during the Dada movement. Along with the work of John Stezaker.





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