Sarah Jeffries (RCA)

image2 Small Windows of Marginal Opportunity 2018

Small Windows of Marginal Opportunity, Diptych, 2018, 122 x 102 x 80cm (per board).

Interview with Robert Dunt for showing on Youtube.

Prep work for 'Small Windows of Marginal Opportunity'.



'Small Windows of Marginal Opportunity' signifies a new direction in my practice, brought on by my recent opportunity to embark on PhD research at Southampton Solent University, where I am working closely with Dr Nicola Foster. My work has always been concerned with society, but my understanding of the workings of western constructs have become ever more clearer through the works of Claire Bishop, Guy Debord, T.J. Demos and Susanne Lacy.  I am researching to what extent does the role of image add or take away from a participatory art project.  My next body of work will involve the painted image and interactive sculptures.  


More information can will become avaliable over the coming year of 2018.



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