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Curated by Sarah Jeffries


Artists include:

Cathy Lomax, Corinna Spencer, David Hancock, Michael Bartlett,

Sarah Jeffries, Team Beswick & Pye.



With the political and natural world rapidly changing around us, how do we, as a modern connected society, deal with the daily diet of relentless negative news coverage?  Is this modern world of constant news fuelling the current fear, anxiety and division happening amongst us?


With the government’s lack of investment in mental health services, would disconnecting from media exposure prove to be beneficial?  Would it prove to be a good way to defragment our minds in this turbulent modern world of information overload?  Or is it a good thing to be aware of every little bit of news and opinion on terrorism, war, Brexit and the Trump Presidency and to hell with mindfulness?  Is ignorance really bliss?


Seven artists explore, through the use of painting, psychological states that maybe occurring from our current social and political climate.  Which artworks speak to you of connecting or disconnecting from society or the media?  What emotions or actions come to mind when viewing these works?


‘I wanted to bring contemporary painting to Eastleigh to celebrate its forward thinking approach to the arts and culture, and to highlight the everyday mental health issues that may be arising from exposure to the many forms of media coverage.’   Sarah Jeffries





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