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2002-04  Royal College of Art, MA Painting

1999-02  Bucks University, BA Fine Art

1996-99  Canterbury College, GNVQ Art & Design


Solo Shows


2013 Female, Pili Pili Gallery, Knokke, Belgium

2011 Once Upon a Time..., Pili Pili Art Gallery, Knokke, Belgium

2008 Within These Walls, Waterhouse & Dodd, Mayfair, London

2004 Persona, Putignano Arte, Putignano, Italy


Two Person Shows


2019 Picture Interrupted, Mike Bartlett & Sarah Jeffries, Transition Two, London

2005 We've Been Here Before, Laura Green & Sarah Jeffries, Blyth Gallery, Imperial College London


Selected Group Shows


2019 People Pictures, Jack House Gallery, Portsmouth, Hampshire

2019 Indoor Voices, Curated by Graham Crowley, Greystone Industries, Suffolk

2018 LANDSCAPE, The Lone Wolf Projects, Sluice Exchange, Berlin

2018 Transcendence, The Cello Factory, Waterloo, London

2017 Connect/Disconnect, Watch This Space Gallery, Eastleigh, Hampshire

2016 The Cat Show, PAPER Gallery, Manchester

2016 Let's Make a Better World, The Cello Factory, Waterloo, London

2015 Existence, Zoe Hawkins Gallery, Winchester, Hampshire

2012 The Zeitgeist Open 2012, ZAP, London

2011 Help a Capital Child Fundraising Art Event, Chelsea Football Club, London

2009 Lineart Fair, Pili Pili Art Gallery, Knokke, Belgium

2009 Impossible Exchange, Frieze, London

2009 Summer Exhibition, Pili Pili Art Gallery, Knokke, Belgium

2008 The Chef, The Artist, The Architect & His Curator, Full Moon At The Fortezza, Italy

2008 Art Hamptons, Waterhouse & Dodd Stand, New York

2008 The Painting Room, Transition Gallery, London

2007 Start Your Collection, Contemporary Art Projects, London

2007 Winter Exhibition, Contemporary Art Projects, London

2006 YOUR [email protected] guardian, Guardian Newsroom Gallery, London

2006 Summer Exhibition, FosterArt, London

2006 PRIMEtime: Painting - young art from London, Galerie Seitz, Berlin

2006 Dreamland, The Chambers Gallery, London

2006 The Kiss, The Arts Club, London

2005 Hollow Salon, Hollow Contemporary, London

2005 Utopia/Distopia, Zimmer Stewart Gallery, Sussex

2005 The Kiss, Spectrum Fine Art, London

2004 Xmas Tree, Gallery 39, London

2004 Artists of Fame and Promise, Spectrum Fine Art, London

2004 RCA Showcase, Urban Outfitters, London

2004 The Show, Royal College of Art, London

2003 Interim Show, Royal College of Art, London

2002 Who’s Howie, Royal College of Art, London


Press & Publications


2018  Interview with Sarah Jeffries by Robert Dunt,, London

2018  Walk & Talk Exhibition Tour of Transcendence by Robert Dunt,, London

2017  Sarah Jeffries in Connect/Disconnect, Garageland Magazine, London

2017  Meet the Artist Sarah Jeffries by Muriel Resnik, Singulart Magazine, London

2016  Are Cats Videos the New Opiate by Sara Jaspan, PAPER, Manchester

2015  WSA Graduate Launches New Exhibition, Southampton University News, Hampshire

2015  Existence at The Zoe Hawkins Gallery by Harry Pye, The Rebel Magazine, London

2009  Interview with Sarah Jeffries by Will Davis, ArtLab, London

2008  Painting Room Press, Art Art Art Magazine, London

2008  The Chef, The Artist, The Architect, Grazia De Palma, Italy

2008  Within These Walls, Solo Show Catalogue, Waterhouse & Dodd, London

2007  The Alchemists, by Louisa Buck, Vogue, October, London

2007  Dreamland, by Jackie Annett, Artists & Illustrators, April, London

2006  Alive & Clicking, by Jonathan Johns, The Guardian, 19/10/06, London

2006  Charles Saatchi - Your Gallery, The Guardian, 06/09/06, London

2006  London For Free, Metro, 31/08/06, London  

2005  Front Cover, Mininas Magazine Issue 7, Sao Paulo, Brazil

2005  Sarah Jeffries, First Point Magazine, summer 2005, Issue 1, London

2004  Don't Call Us Call Them, Marmalade Magazine Winter 2004, Issue 5, London

2004  In Mostra, Flash Art December/January Issue 2004/05, Rome, Italy

2004  Interni Bourgesi Della Jeffries, La Republica, Rome, Italy




2010   Commendations, Aesthetica Creative Works Annual

2004   Fine Art Pyramid Award, Deutsche Bank, London

1999   Painting Skills of The Year, Canterbury College, Kent




The Royal College of Art Collection, Kensington, London

Wellington Finance, Washington, USA